We’re passionate about keeping people safe and healthy and we want to give you the confidence you need when it comes to understanding and managing health, safety and wellbeing.

We have a history of keeping staff and customers safe on high-risk activities while retaining the thrill. Our experience within the activity industry is a perfect embodiment of how a sensible and positive approach to risk can allow worthwhile activities to take place without any cottonwool in sight.

We can apply this positive attitude towards health and safety to any organisation and manage the real risks within your organisation without going too far and getting you wrapped up in time consuming and costly systems that have little or no effect.

Tim Wild GradIOSH

Tim has held senior management positions with companies that operate multiple adventure centres and high-volume leisure attractions.

With over 22-years experience of keeping people safe, his roles included 2 years in the US as Operations Director for Go Ape USA and delivering the health and safety management system for a first-of-its-kind inland surf centre.

Starting as an outdoor activity instructor, Tim’s ingrained aptitude for health and safety management developed into a passion which progressed into becoming a qualified health and safety professional.

His background in creating and delivering training and assessment tools means he is able to make health and safety inclusive, engaging and easy to understand.

With an operations and commercial management background he understands the importance of sensible and practical systems that will become a part of your everyday business. 

When he’s not working he loves an adventure involving bikes, surfing or mountains and he’s on a quest to make the perfect pizza.

Linda Green Msc GradIOSH

Linda spent 14 years as a local authority H&S Enforcement Practitioner.

While in enforcement, Linda investigated 6 workplace fatalities, some quite serious life changing accidents and brought numerous prosecutions. The number of accidents and cases of ill-health she prevented, however, are incalculable.

During this time she became the officer responsible for the primary authority agreement with Go Ape providing assured advice on their systems and procedures until she joined them full time in 2014 as Head of Health and Safety.

Having seen pretty much everything, Linda is an invaluable source of knowledge, and she loves to share this with everyone through training and consultancy services.

Linda is Vice-President of the European Ropes Course Association, she is also on the board of The British Activity Providers Association and routinely participates in leisure industry meetings.

She can often be found in her motorhome enjoying the countryside with her dog Perry.