Your Activity Management Solution

We are ‘traditional’ health and safety professionals with over 30 years of activity management experience, including time in director and enforcement roles.

We love adventurous activities and want to help you achieve the highest standards of safety. We’re more about health and safety management than knots; our services compliment any technical advice to ensure every aspect of your centre is safe and well managed.

Your business relies on the successful management of your activities, which ultimately means finding the right balance between commercial needs, keeping everyone safe and ensuring your customers have a great experience.

Get this balance wrong and you may expose people to unnecessary risk or your customers may have an underwhelming experience.

This sweet spot isn’t always easy to find when you are working with changeable conditions, a high-risk environment, and rely on people’s behaviour – your staff and customers – to ensure procedures are followed.

The consequences of an accident can be very costly due to the impact on your reputation, insurance premiums and any fines from criminal prosecution.

Our services will help ensure everything from surfboards to showers is well managed and your activities, sites and people are kept safe so your business can continue to thrive.

You may receive technical advice and training for some activities, but this is one small part of the puzzle and it is still your responsibility to manage the activity. Because the most serious failings relate to how health and safety is managed at a senior level, our services are designed to compliment technical advice by supporting you with the big picture.

We can help you with the basics and risk assess activities and facilities, but more significantly we can apply advanced health and safety management practices to ensure the highest standards of safety.

An investment in your health and safety management system and training for your managers and senior staff is as important as technical training. After all, it is the management of health and safety at your centre that makes the difference between dealing with the stress of civil claims, prosecutions and complaints or being able to focus on developing a successful business.

We work with complete discretion; anything that gives you a competitive edge – besides our services – will not be passed onto your competitors.

Activity Management Services

“Off the shelf” won’t work for you so we won’t try and sell you a standard package.

Everything we do is tailored to meet your exact needs. Our core services are below as a guide, but if you need something that isn’t listed please get in touch.


An independent audit will help you identify any potential gaps and determine and agree exactly what you need. This will lead to necessary improvements or give you peace of mind.

Risk Assessment

Wherever you are on your risk assessment journey we can help prepare new risk assessments or review and provide feedback on existing risk assessments. We will take into account all relevant legislation and industry best practice.

Management Systems

We can help you build a suitable and sustainable health and safety management system. This is the framework everything you do sits within to ensure you meet all of your legal duties and minimise civil claims.

Operational Documents

We can review your documentation to ensure it will help prevent accidents and help defend civil claims, or partner with you to create a professional and effective operations manual.

Accidents and Incidents

We can help you identify the true root cause of an accident, near miss or case of ill-health. We can also provide training on reporting, investigating, managing and reviewing accidents and incidents.


You might want to improve your health and safety culture. As managers we understand the challenges and as safety professionals we know what needs to be done. As trainers we can guide you through the process of positive culture change.

Training for Managers

Solid foundations at this level are essential to manage risk properly. We can provide truly bespoke training on core health and safety principles or more specific activity and centre management topics.

Training for Staff

We can provide specific induction or supplementary training on health and safety topics such as manual handling or accident reporting. Engaging, practical and scenario led, it is an effective way of ensuring your staff are able to prevent, or deal with accidents.

Training for Customers

We have created and reviewed safety briefings that have kept literally millions of participants safe on high-risk activities. If you have an activity that requires a unique safety briefing get in touch to find out how we can help.

Some examples of activities and typical businesses we cater for are below. If you have something different, we can help you out.

Water Sports
Ropes Courses
Surf Schools
Climbing Walls
Mountain Biking
Trampoline Parks
Pony Trekking
Walking and Camping
Target Sports
Motor Sports
Ski Centres
Adventure Playgrounds
Skate Parks
Cycle Hire
Residential Centres