Consultancy Services

We don’t produce things to just sit on a shelf to tick a box.

Our service provides resources that will add value, and advice that gives your organisation knowledge to build on.

We believe our approach is the best way to improve health and safety in the long term, yet our pricing is competitive.

We prefer to think of ourselves as your partner when it comes to keeping people safe and healthy.

Our involvement will not mean that we just visit for a couple of hours, email you a generic document and leave you to it because we don’t think that is the best way to do things.

A better level of understanding for us at the beginning of the project and for you at the end provides a more positive and sustainable approach to health and safety. We’ll teach you to fish, so to speak, as we believe this is best way of keeping people safe in the long term.

If your aim is to keep people safe, you’re more likely to achieve compliance with health and safety legislation; this means you’re less likely to be prosecuted or face civil action.

Any resources we produce for you will be relevant and effective, and we’ll make sure you understand it all so you’ll be able to implement it.

We believe every organisation needs slightly different services depending on its size, the nature of the work and the level of risk. Some of our services are listed below and we will tailor what we do to suit your requirements.

We also offer bespoke training; visit our training page for more information.

Whether you know exactly what you need or are just starting out, contact us today.


Our preferred starting point when we work with you. Auditing your health and safety systems allows us to identify any potential gaps so together we can determine and agree exactly what you need.

Risk Assessment

Wherever you are on your risk assessment journey we can help prepare new risk assessments or review and provide feedback on existing risk assessments. We will take into account all relevant legislation and industry guidance for your organisation.


We can help you create a framework that will ensure everything that needs to be done to manage risk happens.

Your management system will suit your organisation and level of risk involved.

Document Creation and Review

We can create or review procedural documents on your behalf to ensure your work activities are well managed.

Culture Coaching

You might want to improve your health and safety culture. As managers we understand the challenges and as safety professionals we know what needs to be done. As trainers we can guide you through the process of positive culture change.


We can help you identify the true root causes of an accident, near miss or case of ill-health.

As external investigators we are impartial and less likely to be influenced by people or your systems.

We investigate as an enforcement officer would and work with you to prevent recurrence.

Honest Reviews